Frequently Asked Questions

What is VEMOX?
VEMOX is an app for streaming thousands of hours of Spanish-language entertainment including movies, series, telenovelas, kids programming and more; anywhere and anytime. You can also tune in to the 50+ live channels from the US and around the world (including movie, music, news, and, internationally regional TV channels).
How much does VEMOX cost?
Your first 7 days are free! After your 7-day free trial, the paid subscription begins for $4.99 and will automatically renew every month. Cancel anytime.
Where can I watch VEMOX?
VEMOX is available on many devices and can be downloaded through most app stores. Once your VEMOX account is created on one device, your login credentials can be used across all your streaming devices:

Downloading VEMOX on Smartphones and Tablets
VEMOX can be downloaded from your device's app store. To install VEMOX, follow the link for your device below from your smartphone or tablet and follow the simple registration steps.

- VEMOX on Iphone or Ipad
- VEMOX on Android phones or tablets

Downloading VEMOX on TV Connected Devices & Game Consoles
VEMOX is available for download within the following devices’ app stores. Simply search “VEMOX” and follow the download instructions on each connected device.

- Amazon Fire Devices
- Roku
- Apple TV
- Xbox ONE

Downloading VEMOX on Smart TVs
VEMOX is available for streaming on most LG and Samsung smart TVs. Search for VEMOX on your Smart TV’s app store install and login to begin watching VEMOX.

Note: you cannot subscribe for your VEMOX streaming account via the smart TVs interface. You must register via your smartphone, tablet, Roku streaming device, Xbox One or Apple TV.
Can I watch VEMOX online through a web browser?
VEMOX streaming is currently not supported through a web browser. See “Where can I watch VEMOX?” for all available devices.
How do I subscribe?
Follow these easy steps to begin enjoying VEMOX.

1. Download VEMOX to your device.
2. Enter email.
3. Create a password.
4. Agree to terms.
5. Begin your 7-day free trial!
Does VEMOX have ads?
You can enjoy the entire On-Demand content library without the interruption of ads, this includes movies, series, telenovelas, documentaries, children’s programming and more.
The live TV networks are streamed in real time and just like on traditional broadcast TV, commercials are included in most live content.
How will I be billed for my VEMOX subscription?
Your paid VEMOX subscription is billed monthly and begins after the completion of your 7-day trial and will be automatically billed every month unless cancelled. There is no contract, no cancellation fees, and no commitment.
How do I change my billing preferences?
You can manage your billing preferences through the device you registered on. For example, if you registered on an iPhone via the App Store, your monthly fee will be charged through the App Store.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Uninstalling the VEMOX app on any device does not cancel the subscription. You must visit the originating third party platform where you registered (this is the same platform that handles the billing) and follow their cancellation instructions.
How do I change my email, password, and parental controls?
You can easily change all your account info from within the app. From the menu, select “My Account,” then select “Change Info”
I can’t remember my password. How can I change my password?
Open the app and select “Sign in”. Select “Forgot your password?” and follow the steps.
How do I change the language settings?
From the menu, select “Settings” then select “Change Language” to switch between English and Spanish.
How do the parental controls work and how do I set them up?
Parental control allows parents to limit their children’s access to mature content on VEMOX. Users with a parental control will be prompted to enter a 4-digit PIN if mature content is selected.

From the menu, select “My Account,” then select “Parental Controls”. Turn the status switch on and choose the maximum level of maturity rating you desire to be available for viewing.

Note: Default PIN for all devices is “0000”.
How do I recover or change my parental control PIN?
From the menu, then select “My Account.” Next, select “Parental Controls” to access the options for changing and recovering your PIN.
I need additional support
Contact or call 1-888-965-8205